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We not only provide chemicals reagents and equipment but also Studio Super 8 services and photochemistry!

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Short history

Chemistry is a branch of science that is incomprehensible and mysterious to many, but to us it is the passion and the meaning of life. This passion is one of the great foundations on which our Company has been built and we have been in the chemical business many years now. We offer products to the chemical industry of proven quality. We also execute orders for reagents with special requirements and parameters and strive to meet those demands by increasing both our knowledge and equipment bases, allowing us to offer more. We are open to cooperation with Companies from abroad, including those outside the EU (e.g. Norway and Switzerland).Our members of staff consist of certified chemists with Master’s and Doctoral degrees. We value their knowledge and rely on our acquisition of it.

Studio Super 8

In 2009 we opened a new laboratory for processing film. This company does business with a passion for cinema. At present we are processing full length films in all cinematographic formats, as well as archival materials. More information on those activities can be found in the Studio Super8 section. Please contact us.

Keten(e) - what is this?

KETENE - ketenes, are large group of compounds. They are unsaturated ketenes with cumulated double bonding. The simplest of ketenes is just named ketene. Its formula H2C=C=O. Boiling point -56,1 C, so in normal conditions it is a gas. It has sharp characteristic odour and is highly toxic. Because it’s very reactive, it’s a starting material for many interesting reactions. For instance: ketene reacts with water, giving acetic acid, but when all of the water reacts, then we get acetic anhydride. Synthesis of ketene is not a problem: boiled acetone fumes passed through a heated resistance coil gives ketene, or more precisely etenone, ready to use.

CH2=C=O + H2O -> CH3COOH
CH3COOH + CH2=C=O -> (CH3CO)2O